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I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciated the amazing legal work you both did on my behalf. It all started a few years back when I was referred to your firm through an attorney friend. I can still remember are first meeting. I was so intimidated but then impressed as you both listened attentively while I presented my case. I went on to tell my life story feeling your compassion and empathy for me. I left the meeting feeling it went well, hoping you were convinced I had a good case and that you believed in me. I was told I’d receive a call in a week or so but to my surprise you called the next morning stating you would take my case. From that moment on my life changed.

A timeline for the case was set and we were off... Research, investigations and interrogatories were soon to follow. It was overwhelming for me but routine for them. It amazed me how ambitious, focused and always thinking 3 steps ahead of me you were, very organized.

Their perseverance, knowledge and expertise in labor law and the ability to make good judgement calls brought us to mediation. Then the final day came. There we were the 3 of us against “them”. Lori and Andre, with all their knowledge and expertise were calm, cool, professional yet assertive enough to negotiate an awesome deal and the mediation was over. It was a success! What a great feeling. And now my life goes on.

Patty K

Dear Costanzo Law Firm, APC:

Recently my significant other suffered an extreme form of abuse by her employer which ended in her being unfairly singled out for complaining and was subsequently laid off. It seems as though that since the valley had been in a state of “bust” for over a decade, some employers have taken full advantage of such.

Since the valley has very little union representation, most are at the mercy of their employer’s ethics and integrity with only state laws for protection as a back up. It is understandable that times have been hard for both the employer and the employee however there are those that push the limits of ethics with impunity. This was such a case. My significant other is a quiet and diminutive female that is uncomfortable with dealing confrontationally. She was openly sexually harassed and equally shunned by other female coworkers who felt that they were less attractive. She also had been seriously ill and needed to take time off and was punished for this. She felt lost and powerless. Once she had been laid off, she came to me with the open truth of what happened and I was outraged as I also have seen this disturbing trend among certain employers. We had decided that enough was enough and this could not be allowed to stand. It takes courage and resolution to fight back against such abuses as the odds are not in your favor. I had a friend who is an attorney that at one time dealt in employer law. He referred me to a previous associate who then referred us to the Costanzo Law Firm, APC. We met with them and they were sympathetic and honest in their analysis of the situation. In the end, they agreed to take the case under very reasonable terms. They worked diligently against a large and well known corporation that possessed the resources to easily fight our case. We had evidence and were unwavering in our quest for justice. Although it took some time, the firm brought the case to a successful and agreeable conclusion and I thank them for their persistence and integrity. This was a horrible experience that unfortunately happens much more than it should and its good to know that there is hope and someone out there to make it right. Thank you for showing my significant other that the good guys can win. I heartily recommend this firm.

Thanks guys!

D Hughes

I have to say that my experience with The Costanzo Law firm has been stellar. From the very beginning the attorneys there were attentive to me needs. They were friendly, asked pertinent questions that helped their investigations, and helped me clearly present my case through the board of commissioners.

From the beginning of my hearing my attorney had the opposing team on the ropes and held them accountable for following proper procedure, proper investigatory protocols, and exposed deceptive testimony.

I was very impressed with their attention to detail in researching my case. My attorney came to know the issues much better than I did and had excellent recall of the documentation as the needs arose. After the first couple of days of our hearing I felt like I was walking on the clouds because my attorney did such a great job for me.

I would recommend The Costanzo Law Firm, APC to anyone needing excellent representation.

Anthony, former Client

I would highly recommend Lori Costanzo. Lori took on our discrimination/wage/wrongful termination case after our other attorney passed away. She and her team dove into the boxes and boxes of documents and pushed forward with the defendants and their attorney. Lori understood what was important to us; she and her team were always there to explain what was happening and what options we had. Lori is very passionate about the law and compassionate to her clients. She listens! Lori has the experience, but this is not what makes a great attorney. A great attorney understands why you are there and why you feel wronged. A great attorney puts everything they know into helping you through the process and through feeling wronged so you can feel you received justice.

Kim., former client

Lori is the consummate professional. She is dedicated to her craft and to producing the best outcome possible for her clients. I would not hesitate to refer friends and colleagues to her for any of their legal challenges.

Susan C., former client

Lori is a fantastic attorney and results orientated. She is tenatious and understands the law. Lori always returns her phone calls and keeps on top of your case with frequent updates. I would recommend Lori without hesitation. February 15, 2013.

Connie M., Hospital & Health Care Professional

I endorse this lawyer. Ms. Costanzo gives clear precise advice to AVVO readers, the exact steps and procedures that they must utilize to address their specific business needs. After reading her replies, her answers are very enabling allowing the reader to get up out of their chair, get moving, take action and get down the right path to resolve his or her problems.

John Kitta, Divorce / Separation Lawyer in Fremont, CA – 3/2013

I endorse this lawyer. Lori is a fabulous attorney. She is smart, dedicated, efficient and hard working. Lori knows when it’s best to mediate and work towards settlement but can step up to bat as needed.

Magdalena Labranch, Family Law Attorney in San Jose, CA

Ms. Costanzo is a zealous advocate, and her skill and experience serve her clients well. She is a professional in every sense of the word–she obtains the best possible result for her clients without compromising integrity. It is my pleasure to refer clients to her as I know they are in the best of hands. I highly recommend and endorse Ms. Costanzo.

Cathleen Norton, Alimony Lawyer in Beverly Hills, CA

I am a civil litigation attorney who has worked with Lori Costanzo on several occasions. Lori is not only a highly competent lawyer, but also a nice, sincere and caring person. She is responsive and insightful and I am pleased to have her as a resource that I can turn to with my legal questions.I feel fortunate that I can confidently refer to her matters that are beyond the scope of my practice, knowing the clients will get first-rate lawyering from a true professional with great personal integrity

Lola Fenner, Attorney at Law

A testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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