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California Employment Lawyers > Campbell Whistleblowing & Retaliation Lawyer

Campbell Whistleblowing & Retaliation Lawyer

California protects employees from retaliation by their employers for blowing the whistle on illegal activity. If your employer is engaged in practices that violate California or federal law and you report such violations, you will be considered a whistleblower and enjoy the protections provided by state and federal statutes. Employees who serve as whistleblowers are protected in a number of ways, including against wrongful termination. Most employers hire “at-will” employees in California, which means the employer may terminate their relationship with the employee at any point in time without providing an explanation. Such is not the case when it comes to wrongful termination of whistleblowers. The law recognizes the fact that without protections for whistleblowers, many companies would continue to carry out illegal practices with impunity. After all, employees are rightfully fearful of retaliation at the hands of their employer if they report wrongful actions carried out by that employer.

If you believe you are being retaliated against as a result of reporting a violation or suspected violation at your place of work, you should hire an experienced Campbell whistleblowing & retaliation lawyer. The Costanzo Law Firm works to protect the rights of California’s workers. Call us at 408-993-8493 to learn more about how we can help you.

Legal Protections for Whistleblowers in Campbell, California

Whistleblower protections are based on both state and federal law. In California, legislators have strengthened protections by including independent contractors and consultants rather than just employees. Both nationally and in California, whistleblowers are protected from wrongful actions at the hands of their employers. Learn more about the protections available and contact a Campbell, California employment law attorney.

What is Whistleblowing in Campbell, California?

Whistleblowing actions take place when an employee reports a violation or a suspected violation at their place of work. Some examples of whistleblower cases will include employees who report discrimination, harassment, or other illegal actions taken by their employers. Some whistleblowers may have been instructed to engage in illegal conduct themselves. Complaining about illegal actions going on at your place of work or testifying in court are other examples of whistleblowing activities that the law protects. Future employees are also prohibited from retaliating against you or refusing to hire you based on the fact that you previously reported a workplace violation. To learn more about the protections available and the types of behaviors that are included in whistleblower laws, contact a Campbell, California employment law attorney at the Costanzo Law Firm.

Forms of Retaliation in Campbell, California

Employees may be most fearful of losing their jobs as a result of serving as a whistleblower. Of course, wrongful termination is one of the ways in which an employer may penalize a worker who reports violations in the workplace. However, there are more subtle ways in which an employer can retaliate against an individual. Failing to promote an individual, demoting a person, or even refusing to allow an individual to participate in actions that could further their career, are all examples of ways in which an employer may illegally retaliate against a person who served as a whistleblower. Employers are also legally obligated to ensure that their employees have access to information regarding whistleblower laws and the protections available to them in the workplace. If you believe your employer is retaliating against you, contact a Campbell, California, employment law attorney.

Whistleblower Errors

Whistleblowers are not required to be 100 percent certain that their employers engaged in illegal conduct before they report the suspected violations. After all, employees are not investigators, and there are entire agencies devoted to investigating workplace violations. If an employee reports a suspected violation because he or she reasonably believed the employer was engaged in wrongful conduct, that employee will enjoy the protections available to whistleblowers. Your employer cannot retaliate against you if it turns out that you are incorrect so long as you were reasonable in your suspicions. Failing to protect employees who reasonably suspect a violation is taking place at work would prevent many employees from reporting conduct that is illegal. If you believe you are being retaliated against at your place of work, contact a Campbell, California employment law attorney.

Recovering Damages in a Whistleblower Case

If you are successful in your whistleblower case, you will be able to recover damages, including lost wages, the value of lost benefits, and potentially for mental distress or even punitive damages. Punitive damages apply in cases where an employer engages in particularly egregious conduct. To learn more about the damages available in your case, contact a Campbell, California, employment law attorney right away. Statutes of limitations exist that put time limits on when you can file your claim. Never hesitate to act.

Retaliated Against for Whistleblowing in Campbell? Call the Costanzo Law Firm Today!

At the Costanzo Law Firm, our attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of California’s employees. Call us at 408-993-8493 to discuss your claim and your legal options.

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