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Los Gatos Executive Compensation Lawyer

Certain high-value employees will often sign employment agreements with the companies for which they work. These individuals are frequently in a position to negotiate better terms in their agreements. However, it is important to ensure that you fully understand the terms of your contract and that you have an advocate on your side who can explain the contract and help you negotiate for the best possible terms. In some cases, compensation will come in various forms and will be subject to regulation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is important that your contract complies with transparency regulations and other rules to ensure that the contract remains valid. If you are negotiating a contract with an employer, or if you believe your employer is not in compliance with the terms of your contract, contact an experienced employment law attorney.

At the Costanzo Law Firm, our attorneys are experienced in helping employees negotiate with their employers. We will work to protect your rights and get you the compensation that you deserve. Call us at 408-993-8493 for consultation with a dedicated Los Gatos executive compensation lawyer.

Negotiating Contracts in Los Gatos, California

Contracts between employers and employees can set out several specific terms that will govern the relationship between that worker and the company throughout employment. In many cases, employees will be in the position to negotiate for more favorable terms, including putting limitations on how the employer may terminate the position. Employees with employment contracts can avoid being considered an “at-will” employee and will often be able to set specific circumstances and a process for their termination. If your employer chooses to end your employment contract, they will have to do so pursuant to the terms in that agreement or risk being in breach of contract. “For cause” provisions will help narrow the terms under which you could lose your position with the company. This can work to your benefit as it provides you a certain level of job security. You may also be able to include terms for severance agreements, which will provide you protection in the event that the company wishes to terminate your employment.

Compensation can come in a variety of forms. There are ways to negotiate beyond your salary and benefits. Some alternate forms of compensation include certain business travel perks, signing bonuses, car allowances, and many other potential forms of compensation. It is also important to ensure that the contract does not include terms that work against your interests. Sometimes employers will include arbitration clauses that will limit the ways in which an employee may pursue claims against that employer. For instance, the contract may set a forum that is inconvenient to the employee in order to discourage the employee from taking action against the employer. Hiring an attorney will help ensure that you have someone there protecting your interests and helping you understand each section of the contract to which you are agreeing. If you believe your employer breached your employment contract, you should speak to a Los Gatos, California, employment law attorney to learn more about your legal options for pursuing a claim against that employer.

Non-compete Agreements in Los Gatos, California

Employers often request that an employee sign a non-compete agreement when they enter into an employment contract. These agreements can prevent employees from obtaining employment with the company’s competitors. Employees are also often prohibited under the agreement from starting their own business in a field related closely to that of their employer. These agreements should be carefully drafted to ensure that they do not limit the rights of the employee. If the employer wishes to ensure that the employee agrees to the terms, there should be compensation available to the employee for entering that agreement. Although employers often request that employees sign these types of agreements, in California, they are generally not enforceable. Still, it is best to understand the repercussions of signing a non-compete to avoid litigation down the road. Contact a Los Gatos, California, employment law attorney to learn more about non-competes in California.

Whistleblower Cases in Los Gatos, California

If an employee believes that his or her employer is engaging in illegal or unsafe business practices and that the employee reports such behavior, he or she will be considered a whistleblower. Of course, employers who are engaging in illegal conduct might act against the employee who exposes their wrongful actions. California law makes it illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee who serves as a whistleblower. If your employer instructs you to engage in illegal conduct, is violating state or federal laws, or otherwise engaged in conduct that you feel that you need to report, speak to a Los Gatos, California, employment law attorney to learn more about your rights and the protections available to you.

Negotiating Severance Agreements in Los Gatos, California

A severance agreement will detail compensation an employee can collect at the time of their separation from the company. Such agreements often request that the employee waives certain rights in exchange for the compensation or benefits provided in the contract. Employers may wish for an employee to agree not to take certain legal actions against the company. If you are asked to sign a severance agreement, speaking to an attorney can help you negotiate more favorable terms and ensure that you are comfortable with everything to which you are agreeing. To learn more about how a severance agreement can work in your favor, contact a Los Gatos, California, employment law attorney.

Call the Costanzo Law Firm Today for Help With Executive Compensation Matters in Los Gatos

At the Costanzo Law Firm, our dedicated Los Gatos employment law attorneys are ready to help you ensure the best possible contractual relationship with your employer and achieve favorable outcomes to any disputes regarding your employment. Call us today at 408-993-8493 to learn more about how our experienced Los Gatos employment law attorneys can help you.

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