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California Employment Lawyers > Los Gatos Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Los Gatos Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment is illegal based on federal law as well as California state law. Employees who suffer from sexual harassment at work have options for pursuing claims against their employers. This devastating workplace scenario can cause many problems for workers. Challenging your employer for wrongful behavior can be intimidating, and you might not feel that you have the power to confront that employer for their behavior. It is important to understand that you have rights and that your employer is obligated to comply with employment law standards. If you are suffering from sexual harassment at work, contact an attorney to discuss your legal rights and find out more about your options for pursuing a claim against your employer.

The attorneys at the Costanzo Law Firm work to protect the rights of hardworking individuals in California. Call our Los Gatos sexual harassment lawyers at 408-993-8493 to discuss your claim with a dedicated employment law attorney today.

What is Sexual Harassment in Los Gatos, California?

Sexual harassment includes a wide variety of behaviors. Employers may carry out harassment of employees, or employers may fail to put in place workplace rules and standards that prevent a hostile workplace for their employees. In many cases, the perpetrators will be powerful members of the company, including CEOs, officers, or supervisory employees. In the case of high-level employees carrying out sexual harassment, your employer will often be liable for those violations. Sometimes, harassment takes place between coworkers. Sometimes employers fail to investigate claims of sexual harassment or do not take the steps needed to penalize the perpetrators or otherwise protect employees. In those cases as well, courts will often decide in favor of the employee and find the employer liable.

What is a Hostile Work Environment in Los Gatos, California?

Hostile work environments can involve various forms of harassment beyond sexual harassment. However, in the case of sexual harassment, employees may be subjected to vulgar jokes, verbal abuse, pornographic images, threats, intimidation, or other forms of harassment based on that employee’s sex, gender, or gender identity. If the behavior is severe, then one instance might be enough to determine that harassment is taking place. Such could be the case in the instance of a physical form of harassment or assault. In less overt cases, a pattern of behavior and multiple instances will likely be required to establish that the workplace is hostile. To learn more about sexual harassment claims in Los Gatos, California, contact an attorney to discuss your specific case.

Los Gatos, California, and Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment Claims

Quid pro quo sexual harassment is a severe form of harassment that occurs when an employer offers workplace privileges or favorable conditions to an employee in exchange for sexual favors, dates, or other sexual conduct. For instance, an employer might suggest that an employee will be offered a promotion, but only if that employee agrees to date the employer or engage in sexual conduct with that employer. An employee may also face threats that he or she will lose his or her job if he or she rejects the employer’s sexual advances. This behavior is illegal, and employees suffering from such conduct should contact a Los Gatos, California, employment law attorney.

Sexual Harassment Claims in Los Gatos, California

If you were subject to sexual harassment at your place of work, you might be able to file a claim against your employer. In many cases, speaking to your employer first can be the best option. If there is a human resources department available, you might be able to notify individuals in that department. Of course, there are sometimes cases in which an employee will not have options within the company to address such wrongful behavior. In those instances, your attorney can help you choose the correct course of conduct. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Fair Employment and Housing both govern sexual harassment issues related to employment. The EEOC handles federal claims while the DFEH will handle claims related to California state law. The first step is often to work through the agency, but you may eventually file a claim in court against your employer. To learn more about that process, speak to a Los Gatos, California, employment law attorney.

Illegal Retaliation in Sexual Harassment Claims

Employees who fear retaliation at the hands of their employers should understand that the law protects against such conduct. If you file a sexual harassment claim against your employer and face retaliation as a result, then your employer has violated the law. The law provides protections for employees who speak out about wrongful conduct and their places of work. Without such protections, employees would be afraid to assert their rights at their places of work. To learn more about how the law protects against retaliation, contact a Los Gatos, California, employment law attorney today.

Call the Costanzo Law Firm Today With Sexual Harassment Claims in Los Gatos

The attorneys with the Costanzo Law Firm are dedicated to fighting for the rights of employees in Los Gatos, California. Call us at 408-993-8493 to discuss your rights and to learn how we can help you.

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