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San Jose Business Mediation Lawyer

How Mediation Is a Useful Alternative to Settle Small Business Disputes

san jose employment attorneyA San Jose business mediation lawyer is well aware of the potential benefits from using mediation to settle a business disagreement. The number of issues that can arise for a small business are similar to what a large corporation might experience. Unlike a larger company, a small business might not have a department equipped to specifically deal with legal problems.

What Is Mediation?

A way to settle disputes is through mediation. With mediation, each side can get a grasp on the viewpoint of the other. The mediator is a third person with no stake in the situation. This person will try to help the two disagreeing parties come to a solution. Since the agreement is negotiated and settled among the participants, there is a greater likelihood of them holding to it. Mediation is often far less expensive than going to court.

How to Find a Mediator

Depending on where you are, you might be able to find a mediator in the community. These are volunteers that won’t cost a large amount of money. Checking the web or the phone book for mediators in your area can help. Looking up attorneys who double as mediators are also useful.

How Mediation Settles a Dispute

With mediation, there is a clear motivation for a settlement. Our San Jose employment attorney can tell you that after a successful mediation, you will have an agreement or a memorandum detailing what has been settled. If you are concerned about it being adhered to, it might be a good idea to have it made enforceable in court.

Speak to a San Jose Business Mediation Lawyer

If the dispute is not settled after mediation, there is nothing lost. In fact, it might help you get an understanding of the other side’s position. Either way, before deciding on mediation it’s wise to speak to a San Jose employment attorney by calling the Costanzo Law Firm, APC at 408-993-8493 today.

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