The Firm

The Costanzo Law Firm is a Silicon Valley firm based in downtown San Jose engaged in general civil litigation.  The firm emphasizes all types of civil matters ranging from personal injury, employment matters, insurance matters, small business matters, contract disputes, disputes between property owners, and landlord/tenant disputes.  

The firm also represents parties involved in professional, medical and dental malpractice actions.  Our clients regularly present us with time sensitive projects and we have consistently met their needs.

In addition, Ms. Costanzo has over 25 years of litigation experience including insurance defense where she handled construction defect cases, personal injury, fair housing, civil rights and malpractice actions.  
Ms. Costanzo continues to champion the rights of sexual abuse and molestation victims in the civil arena, in addition to helping senior citizens and their families with issues involving aging, assisted living and elder abuse.


We can help you with all your legal needs

The Costanzo Law Firm can help you handle and work through any and all legal problems you may encounter, from simple advice to complex litigation. We are there for you. Contact us