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California Employment Lawyer

Employment laws are extremely complicated. In California, the law tends to favor employees and when disputes arise, they are very costly to defend. Our California employment lawyer realizes the struggle that big and small businesses face when managing a workforce and sustaining a profitable business. We can help you too, by assisting in the development of the best human resources (HR) practices, drafting and implementing cost-effective HR policies, and developing the best HR practices. Below are just a few ways in which we can help you, too.

The HR Audit

Employers cannot know what HR policies to work on without first knowing the problems that exist. During a legal audit, employment documents are reviewed as well as the HR practices to ensure they are in compliance with the current labor laws. Recommendations are made for improvement, and strategies are created to help businesses become compliant.

Creating Compliant Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks are one of the strongest foundations of proper HR practices. We can create a customized employee handbook that accurately reflects your industry, the size of your business, and your needs. We can also provide you with policies that are legal, practical, and clearly communicated as well as a plan for implementing and enforcing the policies.

Sound Advice on Legal Employment Actions

The best questions are always asked before a legal dispute or other situation arises. Before taking legal action against any employee, it is important to speak to an employment lawyer. An attorney can advise on the strategies to use that will protect you and your business, while ensuring that all employees are compliant with the policies of the company.

Recruiting, Selecting, Hiring, and Orienting New Employees

An employment lawyer can help companies develop policies and procedures that allow them to attract the best employment candidates, hire those that are the best fit, and help them become engaged in the company right away. By creating strategies for recruiting, selecting, and hiring the best employees, it can eliminate legal disputes such as discrimination claims, which can be disastrous for any business.

Creating a Safer Workplace

Many employers in California purchase the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) programs that are widely available, mistakenly believing that they are in compliance. Only when an issue arises does the employer then realize these programs do not provide all the protection they need. The government agency that provides the highest protection standards for employees will prevail when there is an issue, and the pre-bundled programs are often not enough to fully protect employers.

Our Employment Lawyer in California Can Protect Your Business

All businesses must ensure that they are using HR policies that are compliant with the current laws, but so many business owners are not familiar with the law. At Costanzo Law Firm, our California employment lawyer will fully review your current HR policies, devise strategies to bring your business into compliance, and provide the protection you need today, and in the future. Call us now at 408-993-8493 or fill out our online form to schedule a personalized consultation.

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