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Monthly Archives: June 2021


Asian Elder Abuse, Hate Crimes On The Rise In California

By Costanzo Law Firm, APC |

Recently two elderly Asian women, aged 63 and 84, were stabbed without warning while waiting for a bus in downtown San Francisco. Witnesses describe a man approaching the women with a large knife and attacking them suddenly from behind before walking away as though nothing had happened. The attacker was identified as 54-year-old San… Read More »

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How To Recognize Elder Abuse

By Costanzo Law Firm, APC |

Abuse can be hard to spot, and that is particularly true for the elderly. The elderly are especially vulnerable to abuse, and sadly, it often occurs at the hands of those who they are most reliant on. Legally, elder abuse occurs when an individual over 60 years of age is neglected or harmed. Elderly… Read More »

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A Guide To California Workplace Protections For LGBTQ+ Employees

By Costanzo Law Firm, APC |

June is Pride Month and in order to celebrate, we at Costanzo Law wanted to put together a guide for LGBTQIA+ employees. In California, state and federal laws make it possible to be out, proud, and protected from discrimination and harassment in the workplace. In fact, both the California Fair Employment and Housing Act… Read More »

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Are You Experiencing Workplace Retaliation?

By Costanzo Law Firm, APC |

Often, it can feel like our employer is retaliating against us. In many cases, such retaliation is illegal and California state law offers protections against it. In order to know whether we are protected against workplace retaliation it is first important to understand what exactly it is. The fact of the matter is that… Read More »

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