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California Employment Lawyers > Blog > General > San Jose Employment Lawyer Discusses Unpaid Wages, Salaries, Bonuses, Commissions, and Incentive Compensation

San Jose Employment Lawyer Discusses Unpaid Wages, Salaries, Bonuses, Commissions, and Incentive Compensation

gavel books San Jose Employment LawyerIf you work in an industry that relies on tips but your employer has been disputing your right to those tips, contact your San Jose employment lawyer for a consultation immediately. Many employees in service industries rely on tips, commissions, and bonuses to help supplement their base salary in order to achieve a livable income. Unfortunately some of these employees will encounter employers who do not want to pay them what they are owed. If this is the case for you, then your San Jose employment lawyer will be able to help you determine if you are owed this money from your employer. The following information discusses disputes when it comes to unpaid wages, salaries, bonuses, tips, and commissions. If you have any further questions, schedule a consultation with your San Jose employment lawyer.

Issues with Unpaid Wages, Salaries, Bonuses, Commissions, and Incentive Compensation

Disputes can arise between employers and their employees when it comes to being paid any of the additional monies listed above. Sometimes these disputes are a genuine mistake in calculations, while in other cases this money may be being withheld due to a termination or an unrelated grievance. Regardless, if the employee is owed this money then they are entitled to receive it. Be sure to review any written employment contracts that make mention of the compensation you should be receiving. The following list, although not comprehensive, is a list of the most common errors found in an employee’s pay grievances.

Issues with your Wages

Wage theft is on the rise and many times it is not noticed until the employee steps up and speaks out against it. It is the employer’s responsibility to keep up-to-date with your state and federal laws regarding wages in the work place.

Paying All Hours Worked

In some cases, employees are not being paid by their employers for time that is considered to be “down time”. This down time can include driving to the next job or even the time in between projects. What employers may not realize is that the law requires that the employee is paid for this time.

Final Pay Checks

If the employee has either quit or is being terminated from their place of employment, then their final paycheck is required to be given to them within three days of their final date. To wait any longer is a violation of the law.

Sign-On Bonuses

If you signed on to work with a sign-on bonus, the employee is not required to pay it back if they leave the company.

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