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Monthly Archives: April 2024


Salary and Commission Requirements for Commission Based Workers

By Costanzo Law Firm, APC |

You may already know that the Fair Labor Standards Act has special rules for how much tipped employees need to be paid, and how their pay requirements differ from those employees who may receive just a straight hourly wage. But there is another category of wages, or another way some people are paid: commissions…. Read More »

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Interns: When, if Ever, Do They Have to be Paid?

By Costanzo Law Firm, APC |

Internship/externships are invaluable educational opportunities; the chance for students in high school, college or graduate school to get real, hands-on experience. But for employers there seems to be a hidden benefit: free labor. But is an internship paid? Does someone who interns with a company have to be paid the same way that any… Read More »

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Are Tipped Employees More Likely to be Sexually Harassed?

By Costanzo Law Firm, APC |

We’ve written in the past about the difficulties that many tipped employees have when it comes to making sure that they get paid the legally required hourly wage, as well as overtime. And about the tricks and tactics that many employers use to deprive tipped employees of what they earn or what they are… Read More »

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Should You Sign a Confidentiality Agreement to Settle Your Case?

By Costanzo Law Firm, APC |

At the end of your employment discrimination, unpaid wages, or similar employment case, if the case does settle out of court, your employer or its insurance company will, without a doubt, want you to sign a confidentiality agreement as a condition of receiving your settlement. Should you sign it? More Compensation? One thing to… Read More »

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