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Monthly Archives: August 2023


Can Your Employer Condition Wages on You Releasing Them From Lawsuits?

By Costanzo Law Firm, APC |

Imagine this: last week, you complained to your employer about a co-employee that was making lewd remarks to you, and who was “accidentally” touching you. You felt very uncomfortable, and reported this to your supervisor at work. You are called into a supervisor’s office and told that the matter is “taken care of,” and… Read More »

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Is Your Employer Setting You Up for Pretext?

By Costanzo Law Firm, APC |

It is common practice for many employers to keep an employee file on its employees. Whenever the employee does something wrong, the employer writes that in the employee’s file, and stores it away. In many cases, when an employee is “written up,” if the infraction isn’t major, nothing actually happens—the employee isn’t fired, he… Read More »

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Discrimination Based on Immigration Status is Illegal

By Costanzo Law Firm, APC |

In America, we often debate about what rights immigrants have and don’t have. People debate whether constitutional rights apply to immigrants and whether they get due process or whether they get public benefits. Whatever side of that debate you are on, one thing that employees should be aware of, is that your status in… Read More »

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Sexual Harassment at Work Isn’t Always Obvious

By Costanzo Law Firm, APC |

We all know that sexual harassment is serious. But if that’s the case, why are there so many jokes about it? People at work ask mockingly, if they are “allowed” to do or say things to others, without being sued. People will often jokingly say “uh-oh, am I going to get sued now?” This… Read More »

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